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15 September 2017

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01 October 2017

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01 October 2017

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15 October 2017

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15 October 2017

Conference Dates
20 - 24 November 2017

Topics of the Conference

1. N. I. Vavilov’s scientific school (his associates and followers) (issues to be discussed: little-known information about the life and research activities of N. I. Vavilov, his closest associates and followers).

2. Theory of crop origin and evolution: history of the problem and modern research trends (issues to be discussed: development of Vavilov’s ideas concerning the centers of origin of cultivated plants and homologous series in hereditary variation; historical geography of cultivated plants; modern concepts of plant domestication mechanisms; molecular genetic markers in crop evolution research).

3. Applied botany from Vavilov’s times to the present (issues to be discussed: classification and phylogenesis of cultivated plants and their wild relatives; the problem of the plant species; population botany; structural botany as a tool to study the problems of reproduction, morphogenesis, adaptability, etc.; introduction of new species into cultivation; rare and forgotten agricultural crops).

4. Natural immunity of plants to harmful organisms (issues to be discussed: mechanisms of resistance, conjugate evolution of pathogens and host plants, genetic diversity of plants in the context of their resistance).

5. Problems of collecting and conservation (ex situ and in situ) of plant genetic resources (issues to be discussed: strategy, scientific, methodological and informational support of targeted search for and collecting of plant genetic resources; strategies, methods and technologies of their safe conservation; informational maintenance and management of their collections).

6. Modern technologies in the study of plant genetic resources (issues to be discussed: evaluation of plant genetic diversity using genomic, post-genomic, proteomic and metabolomic screening technologies).

7. Modern plant breeding; problems and achievements (issues to be discussed: genetic, botanical and geographic principles of plant breeding; plant genetic resources collections for breeding purposes; methods and modern technologies of plant breeding; innovative competitive varieties).


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